Site Policy

Site Policy for the use of Individuals' data

Data that is collected

The site collects email name and addresses of users to enable communication of the system when responding to submissions of work and for its messaging protocols. The system records the times of submitted work.


The data collected is processed to allow authentication on to the Moodle and the return of grading information.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Paul McKillop, the administrator of this site.

Rights of the individuals

Individuals have the right to have their data removed from the site, the right to prevent its processing and the right to examine the data held on the system. If the data is removed or processing is prevented, access to the site will not be possible.

Period the data is stored

The data is held for the duration of an individual's enrolment on the course. It is deleted when they no longer need access to this site through completion or withdrawal.


The individual should contact the Data Controller to request correction of, erasure of, or a record of the data held.

Sharing of data

No data about individuals from this site is shared with third parties. Work submitted by individuals is shared for awarding organisation quality control using separate processes, not connected with this site under the control of the awarding organisations.

Automated processes

Thye site produces data about submissions of work through its reporting structures to ensure timely submission of work against set deadlines. 

Last modified: Monday, 16 April 2018, 1:09 PM